// Shenkar

// graduation project, 2019

A series of woven fabrics spread in the space on a horizontal and vertical geometric axis outline the home space in a composition of line and color.

The project highlights the place of textile in everyday life, raises to the surface the principles of its presence in the designed home space. From thinking about the encounter between textile objects such as wallpaper, curtain, carpet, and tablecloth, the woven fabrics outline the space in a horizontal and vertical grid. The design of the fabrics is inspired by the modernistic context of weaving craft in Bauhaus, local weaver Naora Warshavsky, and in congruence with the color forecast for Summer 2019.


the colors

These colors tell a story. A story between now and then.

"The pink room" exhibit

about the designer

Thank you for stopping by! 

My name is Lee Kidron, 28 years old, graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art's Textile Design Department in 2019.

I specialize in weaving - an ancient technique which is still relevant and evolving now days.  Since weaving technique combines many aspects of creation - both real and abstract, I use it to find expression to my thoughts and to the essence of things I engage in.

Design is a big part of my life – it begun with my first camera throw the way I looked around the environment surrounded me and my aesthetic space I live in. During my studies I realize how much design accompanies me in my daily life and how it makes me look differently on the way I want both create and being. I'm trying to capture every moment in my way – it allows me to learn and to look forward.



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